Cookies are small pieces of data stored on the clients device to store user preferences.

They are widely used to help users navigate websites efficiently, to perform certain functions on the sites, and/or to provide site owners with information about how their sites are used.

We use cookies on our site where they are required for particular features to work – for example, if you are a logged in user, to allow you to remain logged in whilst you complete certain tasks.

We use standard WordPress cookies. Different kinds of WordPress sites might also need other kinds of cookies for optimal performance. eCommerce sites need cookies to manage shopping carts, wish lists, and buyer preferences. Advertisers need other kinds of cookies to remember buyer behaviors and track which campaigns are performing best. Even analytics software such as Google Analytics can rely on cookies to provide statistical information about a web user’s location, browsing behavior, and more. For those and other site-specific functions, a number of WordPress plugins, both free and premium, can set their own cookies, with customizable settings to establish things like the cookie’s expiration period and the kind of personal data it tracks.